Learning a tune you don’t like

Learning a tune you don’t like

59th Street Bridge???? I play mandolin behind a pretty talented singer/guitarist as a side gig (and first since shutdown). Great guy who is much, much younger and is trying to establish himself in the small scene we have. I dig that it forces me to learn different tunes and arrangements, and I love me some Paul Simon, but damn; I can’t get thru this song. He wants to play it at original tempo and feel; that is one funk less, goofy piece o’ Muzak IMO. Advice? Pretend to tune for 3 minutes? Do an interpretative dance? 

Bob Mc

This just in; Paul Simon hates this song too:



Jonathan  C.

"Taking it to the Streets" with a church choir? Sometimes the idea carries the day. I like the response to just experiment and try something new. We can be one step removed from greatness. At the end of the day it doesn't matter...who knows who Harvey Mandel is? 

The Studio lasts forever, so it does matter...just how much? I was upset as a kid when Alice Cooper started working with Studio personnel, but then again, I thought the Beach Boys recorded their greatest song "Good Vibrations". 90 hours of studio with 70 HOURS of tape...3 minutes? Brian spent 2 months (in bed?) working on this and not a single band member played on it! JC

(Glen Campbell played lead...get out! He was a "monster"...but we all decided that LATER.)

Bob Mc

No I'm doing the gig, I 'm just b******g. There are a couple of other songs that I wouldn't have picked; Ants Marching by Dave Matthews and Black Water by the Doobies. But for those two I learned the fiddle and sax parts and really like playing them now. I also learned the harmonica lines for Heart of Gold and it rekindled my love for that one. I may use the Groovy song to practice arpeggios (are-PEEGYOs to you). Still not ruling out the interpretive dance.

Shane T.

haha well....I've been there. Granted, it's been a long time but one thing that I can offer is to try and ask yourself "what can I learn from this". Remember it's only A gig, not a lifetime endeavor. Try and learn a few new chord voicings or experiment with different chord shapes on the song. 3 minutes? Some people can hold their breath that long, it'll go by quick. Of course there is always another option....just don't do the gig. Is it just the one song you don't like?

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