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Doesn't look like Forums are enabled yet or its quite possible I am not utilizing correctly. If you have received a friend request from me its because you identified yourself in your profile as a musician (and thank you to those that accepted). If you did not receive a request, and are musical, please shoot me a request.

I think it'd be cool to have an occasional chat with like minded players about tunes we are working on, gear, band mates, etc.. Lets keep it cool and relaxed and not make trouble for Mr. T. This will also not give  The Gear Page forum any competition (I am bobmc there).

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Shane T.

Let's get it going then- what would you guys like to see? I just posted a new Blog on How to Practice


Andy K.

Yeah Bob it would be pretty cool to get the forum going. So we can all get to know each other.

Shane T.

Thanks Bob! I'm working on it and will get it started soon!