starting to really play ad lib


Just some feedback on your recommendation to use a Taylor mini-ES because I have small hands. I was moving around so well on the Taylor that my ability to play surprised me.  I always wanted to play guitar, but I could never wrap my hand around a standard neck.  Guess what?  Apparently my hands and fingers got stronger.  I picked up my Martin D-28, and played it effortlessly!  Now there is no turning back.  I thought the Taylor sounded good when I was learning...  There is no comparison, now, to the sound of the Martin.  It's as though the Taylor almost sounds like a toy.  So thank you for your astute assessment and solution to help me play guitar.  I can pick out songs that hit my mood.  I even bought a black on black Epi Les Paul.  I have had a Marshall amp & Fender, now I mostly play the black one. Is this Epitone a so-so guitar or one to keep?  It sounds pretty good, despite loose knobs, but then, I thought the Taylor sounded good, too. Thanks!

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Shane T.

hi Jeannie

great news! Glad the Taylor worked out. Yeah the Taylor will sound a lot smaller because the Martin D28 is such a "cannon" of a guitar. That's why bluegrass players favor them so much. Epiphones can be great guitars, I have one myself. I'm not sure about the one you have but I'm sure it's good. Loose knobs are an easy fix. Most importantly- how does it sound, feel and play? Does it make you want to pick it up? If so, I would keep and maybe look into getting a setup by a pro. Makes a world of difference.

take care!