Still Motion CD+ Download

 Still Motion CD+ Download

Theriot's latest original recording, focused around the concept of the trio. While keeping it funky and sophisticated, this record is also full of space and beautiful guitar work. Featuring three rhythm sections- Los Angeles (Jim Keltner drums), New Orleans (Johnny Vidacovich drums, James Singleton upright bass) and Austin, (Kirk Covington drums, Nate Wood bass, Chris Maresh bass).

 "A beautiful record that's rich with dynamics, grooves and inventive playing- all with room to breathe. Theriot's big tones and unexpected note choices are the glue that holds it all together.."-Guitar Player Magazine

Ana C.

Love “silt and sand” ~ brings memories of a book I read long time ago “Rising Tide” about the mighty Mississippi. When the song finished  ITunes started playing Guthrie Trapp’s “Life After Dark”, what a great album!  The Theriot road leads to a magical musical path!

Elizabeth D.

I just finished listening to the entirety of Still Motion once again. Such a gorgeous record with 45 minutes of great music. Thank you, Shane!

Shane T.

thank you Elizabeth! It was a moment in time I NYC record, written and recorded (most of it) while I was living there .I went for a really sparse (for me anyway) approach to the compositions...