Modern Funk Fusion Guitar Soloing (BOOK)

Modern Funk Fusion Guitar Soloing (BOOK)

Learn how to combine the best elements of Funk, RnB, Blues and Jazz to create the cutting-edge style you want for your guitar playing!

Effortlessly Fuse Funk, RnB, Blues, Rock and Jazz Guitar

Let’s get this out of the way… Shane Theriot’s Grammy Winning resume includes Beyoncé, Hall & Oates, Willie Nelson, and The Neville Brothers – so you know he’s the real deal!

And in Modern Funk Fusion Guitar he shows you how to combine the best elements of Funk, RnB, Blues and Jazz to create that cutting-edge style that you’re already hearing on countless platinum tracks.

A Modern Twist on Classic Styles

You’ll learn all this by studying five gorgeous original tracks, each of which will hone the guitar techniques you need.

First, you’ll learn the fundamentals…

  • How to create short, well-formed melodic motifs and build them in your solo
  • How to nail your phrasing with ear catching dynamics and note placement
  • How to freshen up pentatonic scales by breaking out of standard patterns and adding ear-catching chromatic ideas
  • How to build and get creative with hybrid pentatonic scales

Then you’ll master some real game changers…

  • Discover how to superimpose arpeggios/scales to access the “secret” sounds of fusion. It’s easier than you think!
  • The best way to add “outside” notes to shapes you already know and form those long, flowing lines you hear from the likes of Scott Henderson and Wayne Krantz
  • How to really ignite your solos up with the dominant-diminished concept. It’s a killer!

You’ll also gain sage advice on building solos that tell a story, and how to easily resolve any line… no matter how far “outside” you take it!

5 Great Tunes from a Grammy Award Winner

Did we mention that Shane is also a Grammy-winning producer?

In Modern Funk Fusion Guitar he shares 5 original tunes, which you’ll learn to sharpen your skills.

You’ll learn killer solos over:

  • A modal vamp
  • A slow-burning gospel-blues
  • A New Orleans-style funk-blues
  • A Neville Brothers-style minor blues
  • A Tower of Power-style high energy funk track

Bonus: If all that’s not enough, Shane also includes stunning rhythm guitar ideas you can immediately add to your arsenal of riffs!

Hear it, Play it, Own it…

In Modern Funk Fusion Guitar Shane breaks down every single musical idea in detail. In fact, he explains not just what was played but why he played it… and passes on game-changing advice for every guitarist.

You’ll get the backing tracks and over 100 audio examples of every exercise as a free download so you can explore the music and get really deep into the groove.

If you’re ready to inject your guitar playing with fresh exciting ideas, then Modern Funk Fusion Guitar is the creative shot in the arm you’ve been waiting for.