Guilded Splinters guitar solo w/the Neville Brothers NYC

This clip was taken from the television show called "Sessions at West 54th" that ran for a few years. It was most likely from 1999 or 2000. It was a great show, fantastic guests... The host at this time was John Hiatt- and me being a big fan of his was thrilled when he complimented me on my guitar playing backstage. The guitar is loud in the mix (hey I had nothing to do with that!) but I think it captured a fun time. I had my old Yamaha Pacifica and probably my first pedalboard, most likely a Tube screamer was mostly all I used back then. "I Walk on Guilded Splinters" is a song by Dr. John (Mac Rebanack) and is a classic. I always loved playing that song with the Neville Brothers and you can hopefully hear the "Stripped down" version that I did with Dr. John soon.......

For the gear heads out there....

I recall SIR (Studio Instrument Rentals) delivering a Matchless amplifier and I loved the tone so much that a few years later when I was in NYC with The Syn (Chris Squire, Alan White and Steve Nardelli) I had the production manager call SIR and see if that same amp was was. So I did the whole SYN US tour with that amp....THEN...

fast forward to 2015 and I was in NYC again doing a TV show called Rachel Ray. I again requested that same amp...haha. So it has a history.

Jeff B.

Such a great song. For sure looking forward to that stripped down version

Original the best, but other than The Nevilles some of the covers I really like are by: Humble Pie, Allman Brothers, Johnny Jenkins