Some of my Hamer guitars

Back in the early 2000's I endorsed Hamer guitars, some of which I still play to this very day. (The green guitar I play alot is a Hamer Daytona strat style guitar. ) I thought it might be interesting to show you some of the guitars from my collection of Hamers. To me they are some of the finest guitars ever made, the quality and workmanship is world class and blows away a lot of the more known makers. For some reason they are still a bargain on the used guitar market (although the prices seem to have gone up over the past few years...). I don't have any affiliation with them anymore nor know what the status of Hamer is now, although I do hear from Jol Dantzig (one of the founders) every so often.

Andy K.

This was great thanks Shane ! I'll be dreaming about that 3 P90 Hamer for a few weeks now.. Sounds insane !

Pierre L.

I have a really similar Hamer Artist Custom. Beautiful, great guitar. What you say about the volume pot taper is spot on, it works so well, I don't have any other guitar with such a perfect volume pot.

Hamers are so underrated, they are definitely as good as Gibson Custom Shops or high end PRS.

Great video Shane.

Jenifer K.

Thanks! I enjoyed learning about some of the guitars in your collection.

Elizabeth D.

Gorgeous guitars! Very interesting to hear the model differences, where you used them, and how GREAT they sound. Cannot wait to hear you play them more. They look so beautiful together!!