Daryl Hall and John Oates/ guitar rig for start of tour.

Getting back on the horse after a long time off from this gig. Feels great to play with old buddies again and make music together. Trying out a few new pedals and amplifier heads for the rehearsals- (still waiting on another amplifier that Fed Ex is currently shipping everywhere except to the recipient!) 

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Ana C.

Pretty darn inventive!  Luv it!

Matthew B.

Cool stuff. Missed you guys in mass.  Live the melancon.  Sorry about Gerald   he was building me a tele. Sad.  Okay on.  King of tone rocks!

tim b.

I got an Edwards Les Paul Special and am putting in some Fishman Fluence Greg Koch P-90’s today finally!

Elizabeth D.

Beautiful new SG. Those lucky folks who will be sitting in the seats right in front of you…Give them a great show and enjoy making some  music!