Funky Riff

I still work on trying to make things groove and "feel" right. This is just an example of a riff of mine that uses some open strings and is a little tricky to play. It's from a song called "You'd Rather Forget" but makes a great exercise.

Want the tab? Let me hear from you and lemme know I'll write it out!

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Don B.

Shane, I would LOVE the tab! That is some awesome feel and flavors going on there. Keep it coming! 

Bob Mc

Ok, too fast for me to get.

I have a little bit sussed out but you lose me, I would love to see the tab. 

A to B hammer on, E on 4th

F# on 6th, F# on 4th

slide A to A# on 3rd, F# on 4th…

then some voodoo happens. 

Doubting the E on the 4th string.

I am playing at Polk Salad Annie tempo too


Ana C.

Thanks for sharing!  Your fingers are so fluid…..

Jonathan  C.

Yeah....waiting for someone to "dislike" one of your posts!

I could use a Tab, but I can't request another lesson until I can show you I am proficient with what you already taught me!