I Saw the Light solo with Todd Rundgren

This one is tricky to play on the slide....The original version was overdubbed with a few guitars. The last really high note is actually off of the fretboard. When we started rehearsals for this tour Todd told me that his regular guitar player doesn't play slide and bends the notes to emulate the slide...I could do this but I felt it wasn't like the original version. (What was I thinking)....it's hard to look up while playing this because you will lose your place on the neck and have to switch between fretted notes and slide notes.

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Elizabeth D.

Yeah, have seen you play this 3 times and it’s really special. Makes sense why you have to look at the neck more than normal. Still get an A+ on the performances!

Shane T.

Thanks Elizabeth! 


I love that green guitar so much! I love how you connect and collaborate with other musicians. I truly believe you are going to get even greater then you are today. You are so talented! God bless you and yours and wishing you much success always. Take it to the top⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jonathan  C.

Wow...that was nice! I kept thinking about your gig when they played this on "Ozark".... I thought it was kind of funny how they worked it into the dialog for an actor to say "I hate that song"¡ I guess that is the opposite of your dream, right? Hahaha

Chris C.

Shane you always rock!  Will always be a fan!  Plus - that Green Hamer!  haha. Made in Illinois!  Rock on my friend!

Shane T.

  • thanks Chris!

Jeff B.