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    1321 N
  • FormatAIFF
  • Bit Rate16
  • Sample Rate44.1kHz

1321 N. Las Palmas was a tune that I had written back when I was attending GIT in the early 90's. I remember sitting in one of the practice rooms in Hollywood and coming up with the intro- (which is tricky to play- at least for me it is!)

I had recorded an earlier demo version of this tune which almost ended up on a solo record that i was going to do with Mark Varney who had all the guitar hotshots of the day on his label, but I never did go through with it.

It's a nice melody and fun to play on guitar. 

Shane Theriot-electric and acoustic guitars

Tom Reynolds- keys,solo

Adam Nitti- bass

David Northrup- drums

Jim Roberts- percussion

Recorded by Gary Oleyar

Mixed by Neal Cappelino