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    In Between
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Here's one from deep in the vault! This song In- Between was originally featured on a recording called "Guitar On The Edge- The Worlds Hottest Guitarists" and featured all the hot shot guitars of the day- (early 90's). This CD was the first time I had appeared on a real..... recording....haha.

Fresh out of music school and teaching at AIM in Atlanta, Ga at the time, I had saved up some money from a top-40 gig and was determined to record my own music. I got together with Randy Hoexter, a brilliant musician who was also teaching at the school back then and he helped me record two songs. I was so green back then! I remember using my Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp ( I had to save for 6 months to get that out of layaway- it was a LOT of money for me at the time! I used a snakeskin French LAG guitar and a borrowed Jackson soloist for the clean parts.

I then sent this recording to John Stix at the now defunct magazine Guitar for the Practicing Musician and it landed me in the "Hometown Heroes" column- a big deal for me at the time. As a result of this, Mark Varney (record company owner and brother of Mike Varney who launched the careers of Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert and others) asked me to appear on the upcoming CD featuring all the up and coming young guns. 

Now that I hear all these years later it's not the greatest tone and maybe it sounds a little dated but I think it's a catchy little tune! Very Dixie Dregs even though I had never heard them back then! But most importantly it does bring back great memories of that summer in Atlanta and all the excitement that the future seemed to hold back then.

Shane Theriot- guitars

Randy Hoexter- keyboards, keyboard bass

Chip Lunsford- drums