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    Sliced Milk (Grease Factor)
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The Grease Factor was a band comprised of myself, Johnny Neel (Allman Bros, Govt. Mule) on keys/vocals, Jeff Sipe (Aquarium Rescue Unit, Shawn Lane) on drums, Count Umbutu (ARU) and Derek Jones on bass,  (Neal Fountain later replaced Derek for a few gigs.)

it was short lived and while we were getting better and better offers for gigs and festivals, logistically it was hard to keep together and some differences in musical opinions caused a premature split of the group. Had some amazing musical moments though! This tune "Sliced Milk" was built off of the main riff of "Ivory Tattoo" by John Scofield and morphed into different things depending on the night.

Shane Theriot-Guitar
Johnny Neel-Keys/Vocals
Derek Jones-Bass
Count MButu-Congas
Jeff Sipe- Drums