1. 1
    Mr. Longhair (playalong)
  2. 2
    What's Pho Lunch (Playalong)
  3. 3
    F Thing! (Playalong)
  4. 4
    Hwy 90. playalong
  5. 5
    Yerba Mate Blues (Playalong)

Want to play-along and jam with some of the best rhythm sections on the planet? Want to know what it feels like to solo over a great groove and have some of the funkiest drummers ever backing you up whenever you feel like it?

These 5 play-along tracks were taken from my own solo records (The Grease Factor, Hwy. 90, and Still Motion) and include PDF lead sheets used on the original recording sessions for each of the songs. These are the actual rhythm tracks that I used on my solo records. 

Download includes a high quality MP3 download/ and a PDF lead sheet (standard notation/chords) of each tune.