1. 1
    Music Is The Doctor
  2. 2
    Tell Me A Lie
  3. 3
    Raining In The Desert
  4. 4
    The You And Now

Four vocal songs- "Music is the Doctor", "Tell Me A Lie", "Raining in the Desert" and "The You and Now". High quality WAV 44/24 audio files.

All instruments- Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums and Programming by Shane Theriot.

Drums on "Tell me a Lie" by Doug Belote

Mixed by Jack Miele (Music Shed, New Orleans) Shane Theriot and Paul Brown (Funky Joint, Los Angeles)

Cover photo by Greg Vorobiov

Jonathan  C.

Turned my OC buddy onto this and told him to look out for Le Combo. JC


Great showcase of your range and talent. Music is the Doctor should be in rotation (falsetto and all)...great bridge. I am available to promote! (Helping a Fire Dept in Silicon Valley online...) Semi-retired ;)

Jonathan  C.

I must have missed this! ayayay JC

Deborah G.

Love the potent and timely Music Is The Doctor!