Mark Farner (Grand Funk) On The Riff Raff W Shane Theriot

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    Mark Farner (Grand Funk) On The Riff Raff W Shane Theriot
    June 20, 2021

My guest today is Mr. Mark Farner. Best known as the frontman guitarist/songwriter and lead singer for one of the biggest bands in 1970’s rock- Grand Funk Railroad. From the game changing Atlanta Pop Festival performance to the legendary Shea Stadium performance that they sold out in 72 hours (breaking the Beatles record many times over) Mark has seen and done it all. These days he’s still rocking with his Mark Farner’s American Band and tours constantly.

 One of his best known songs is the 1970 classic I’m your Captain (Closer to Home) which by now has reached legendary rock anthem statusIn this interview he tells me about how a prayer inspired him to write the song, We also talk about his early influences, how Grand Funk blew Led Zeppelin off stage one night in Ohio, how he learned to sing by reading a newspaper upside down, his Musicraft Messenger guitar and much much more. There was so much I wanted to ask but we just ran out of time- (Hendrix, Zappa, working with Ringo etc…)but we still got a lot of good stuff in!

At 72 years of age he still plays and sings his ass off. If you need proof of this just check out the new DVD by Mark and his band- “From Chile with Love” which was released in April. Mark does a lot for Veterans and is donating 20% of all proceeds from each sale of the DVD to help Veterans. You guys all need to go and check this out! Mark is such a great guy and a class act. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did. 



Veterans Support Foundation number- 1-800-882-1316



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Bob Mc

Seems like a great guy. GFR was a big deal for me as a kid, and I freely admit that the solo to "Closer to My Home" shaped my playing to this very day.

DENNIS B. all started here


What a fantastic interview. I really love the anecdote about their gig a the warehouse! My first ever concert was Zebra & Molly Hatchet at the warehouse in 1980. I was 8 years old. My parents went out of town for Mardi Gras and my baby sitter and her boyfriend brought me to the show. I remember the boyfriend saw how into Kiss (and rock in general) I was and had a feeling it would be a necessary experience for my newly indoctrinated musical mind. It was a huge moment in my musical history to say the least! 

Elizabeth D.

Such a fantastic interview! All of those wonderful GFR songs and Mark’s amazing and unmistakable voice remind me of the greatness of this vintage hard rock band. I regret never seeing GFR live during the Mark Farner years. Shane, another great guest, thank you!

Miriam B.

Great stories, great musician! Thank you Shane, for sharing with us. Keep bringing us these amazing stories from rock legends.

Shane T.

Thanks for listening!

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