The Riff Raff w/Shane Theriot Episde 45

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    The Riff Raff w/Shane Theriot Episde 45
    March 1, 2023
The Riff Raff (Episode 45) w Shane Theriot (R.J. Ronquillo/Jeff McErlain)
58m 11s

My guests today are R. J. Ronquillo and Jeff McErlain. Both of these guys are highly accomplished guitarists who have successfully moved onto the path of the YouTube guitarist/educator.

R. J. has a long resume and and has done touring stints with Ricky Martin, Tupac Shakur and Thompson Square.

He is now one of the top gear demo guitarists on the scene and his versatile playing can be see on hundreds of videos.

Jeff McErlain is a top NYC based educator with many videos on TrueFire. He also has a solo record called "Now" that was co-produced by Robben Ford with whom he also toured.