Raining in the Desert

This little ditty is called "Raining in the Desert" - The idea for this song actually started taking shape years ago, as some songs tend to do.

I remember being on tour and riding through the desert somewhere looking out of the window and wondering what it would be like if it just suddenly started raining. Hmm... sure would have been a strange contrast to what I was seeing at the time with the all the cactus and sandy terrain.

Bam. Song idea. Only took me about 15 years to do something with it!

Yes it's about raining in the desert "the cactus plants are smiling and the ground begins to smile...." but it's actually a metaphor about hope and how a troubled inner city youth finds solace in the rain. 

Hope you like it. I recorded it at my studio in New orleans and played all instruments. My friend Jack Miele mixed it at my studio a few days later. Video was shot by Rick Gadd.

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JoAnne B.

Love it Shane! You have a great voice.

Jess A.

Hey Shane you got a great voice - would love to hear you sing more ... great tonal texture that matches up with your grooves! Oh yeah! You b working it! 

Shane T.

thanks! I'm working on it....got some new tunes in the works.


Great theme and lyrics. Really like guitar work it reminds me a bit of INXS funk style in places. More ! 

Shane T.


Elizabeth D.

BADASS playing and singing! 

Andy K.

That's the ticket !! Exactly what I needed to start my day off on the right note. Absolutely killer !!

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