I've found myself, due to the dreaded Cov, doing a lot more writing and recording and this tune popped out a few weeks back.

This one was written for my RS Guitarworks Tele called Larry. I know.. who writes a tune for a guitar, but it's such a special guitar for me that I thought It needed one....

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Jeannette b.

Love this. Larry is, indeed, worthy of a song.

John W.

This to me had a Duke Levine feel to it. Awesome!


Nice tone Andy! What a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing that.

Andy K.

Thanks Dennis. It still needs some work, but I really like the vibe.

tim b.

Loved the moments of dissonance - my soft spot is m2nds!

Andy K.

Tim thanks for taking a listen. I love messing around with dissonance. I think it comes from listening to way too much David Rawlins over the years.


Elizabeth D.

Andy, that was beautiful and so relaxing. Thanks for sharing that! 

Andy K.

Thanks Elizabeth it's a favourite tune of mine. Glad the emotion came across.

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