The Glory of the evening light

Here's this weekends tune. I was listening to the radio last week on the way into work and the person being interviewed said they always love "the glory of the evening sun."..

This really struck a note with me and this morning out this tune popped.

It's in DADGAD and I'm not sure about the mid 8 section as the voicings sound so wrong they could be right..

It still needs a ton of work but it sounds pretty cool.

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Shane T.

Really nice tune Andy!  I like that middle part....that section sounds like a Bminor chord going to a Bb min/maj chord you are implying which is not "wrong" it's just "evil" sounding haha, maybe that's where the sun dips behind a cloud for a minute......

great song

Andy K.

HAHA! "Not wrong, just evil" Thanks Shane that's made my day!