Inner Flame (with Mark Egan and Arjun Bruggeman)

In 2018 legendary bassist Mark Egan asked me to contribute some guitar and lap steel to a project he was working on with a great percussionist named Arjun Bruggeman. This resulted in the recording entitled "Dreaming Spirits". For more info on this record click here. Shortly after we did the recording Mark asked if I could come up to his studio and record some improvisational pieces that he could use as promotion for this record.

I was living in NYC at the time and because I had taken the train up from my place in Manhattan that day I was limited on what I could bring. I brought a small pedalboard and my electric guitar and I used Mark's Martin acoustic for this one.

I had a little acoustic riff reminiscent of "Shakti" (ala John McLaughlin) that I was playing around with and Mark liked it. We went with it and the result was this tune that Mark later titled "Inner Flame".

To purchase the whole record visit WaveTone Records

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Andy K.

How great is this !! Man I love a fretless.

Andy K.

It certainly sounds like a fretless, but I'm not sure now......

Andy K.

Ah...there it is...(Mental note to the video instead of typing)

Artem M.

Sounds fantastic! Awesome!

Elizabeth D.

I listened to the entire record and the three videos, and these are really nice recordings. Inner Flame is a stand out for me since it is guitar forward. The guitars elevated this entire project, in my opinion. Loved listening to these! 

Carl D.

This is killer!