My old Fender Bassman amplifier gets a new lease on life.

After UPS beat the hell out of her, I got a great amplifier repair/builder in Los Angeles named Roy Blankenship to put her back together. She's purring like a kitten and roaring like a lion now......My 1968 or 67? I dunno Fender Bassman Amplifier walkthrough.

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Cal S.


Great that you got ‘er back from repair and sounding right to your ear.  

Damaged fave gear, the horror side of the road life. 

All the Best!


Bob Mc

So good. Did you spec the changes for the bass channel or is that Mr. Blankenship's idea?

Shane T.

he did it, he said it's more like a tweed/vox tone stack now. Much more useful for guitar.

Bob Mc

He kept the 6L6s as well. Single coils sound good too? 

corky n.

killer..tones and he did a wonderful job with all the modern the tone stack remove and the master volume...kinda like what Dave smith did for me on that tweed Dabeck amp I had...take that out and play the crap out of her.....cork



sorry, for msg overload but I've been waiting for your album w/ Mac...

Any news on a release date?


Shane T.

I haven't heard anything official yet. It's out of my hands at this point.


Just played a couple duo gigs for the 1st time since 3/7/20!  So, hopefully looking forward to more soon... and fully vaxxed next Sunday. My daughter is moving back to LA soon and I hope things are covid cool there soon as well. Are you playing out there at all yet? take care, man

Shane T.

Hey Jim, yeah hopefully live stuff comes back soon. LA is crazy with the lockdown, I've been busier than ever though writing and recording for other people on a few records. I gotta say, I don't miss touring!

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