Sara Smile guitar solo PNC Bank Arts Center, NJ Aug 13 2021

Sara Smile guitar solo PNC Bank Arts Center, NJ Aug 13 2021

Classic song by Daryl Hall and John Oates.......Daryl likes when I play it differently each night so to keep it fresh I try and play off of his piano and vocal ad libs.

 Gerard Melancon custom strat relic through Fuchs ODS Bassman amplifier

(thanks to William Jordan for the video)

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Andy K.

Been totally off grid for a while with work, so just jumping back in with my fellow MoJo family.

Shane this sounds great, and I bet you love the challenge of creating a new solo every time you plat Sara's smile.

Super cool and tone for days !!

Shane T.

Thanks Andy!

Miriam B.

Always amazing! Each time you do it different and better and better! Love it!

Shane T.

Thanks so much ! Sorry just seeing these comments

Yes I try and change it up every night because Daryl likes that!

Ana C.

Beautiful song ~ Bellisima guitarra! 

Shane T.

Thank you!

JoAnne B.

Sounds so good Shane!

Shane T.

Thanks JoAnne!

Joe C.

Great playing, sick tone. That amp sounds great!

Shane T.

Thank you Joe- yeah I'm really happy with this combination of amps and the cab etc...I think in my 8 years of doing this gig it's the best overall sound I've had.

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