Blue Runner Jingle

As a "working cat" you never know what kind of session or date you will run have to be ready for anything.

Here's an example of a session specifically used for TV or Radio (known as a jingle). My friend and Emmy winning composer Donny Markowitz produced the jingle. It's me on guitar, Doug Belote on drums and Shannon Powell on tamborine.

We were set up 3 chairs across and cut this live in a few takes.

I used my "Sco" Ibanez into a Cry Baby wah and direct into my Silverface Champ Amplifier, turned up to about 9 to get the crunch you hear. This particular date was all improvised- I just came up with a riff and the producer liked it so it went on from there.

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Jonathan  C.

I think my electric (if I get that far) would be a Tele or the Ibanez Scofield! 

Jeannette b.

a good charity.

Jonathan  C.

At first I thought it said "Blade Runner" and they remade the movie!