Ball and Chain (full video)

Here is the first single from the upcoming EP by my new power trio "Le Combo!" featuring Toss Panos on drums and Jorgen Carlsson on bass. Nov. tour dates coming soon.

Video by Greg V.



Mick Steele

hey bro, diggin the “ball & chain” have club now, pa, backline, catering, let’s chat about doe re me fa so la te doe for le combo show

Pierre L.

Looking forward to the EP.

Pierre L.

Great stuff. 5E3 Tweed Deluxe ?

Shane T.

thanks yes

Elizabeth D.

You guys killed it on this one - I LOVE it! Greg did a great job on the video. Looking forward to the others on the EP, and seeing Le Combo live. 

Pamela S.

Love It!  Hope you do a gig in Northern California.  I would check you guys out live for sure.