How Do I Live Without You (LeAnn Rimes) Shane guitar solo

From the wayback machine! Back to 2005 when I was working with the great LeAnn Rimes. "How Do I Live Without You" guitar solo (complete with the LA $ lick at the end!) I worked with LeAnn for a while in 2004/05 and then again a few years later. She (and her then husband Dean were always so great to me- they even offered to have my wife and I stay at their house for a while after Hurricane Katrina.) LeAnn is easily one of the best singers I ever worked with and at this point I've worked with quite a few! ..We had some great times!

Jonathan  C.

The mighty green guitar strikes again! 

Hetti W.

This is so beautiful…everything! Your guitar flows with LeAnn’s voice … the lyrics are meaningful! Nice!